About Reformulations

As I said on the Similarity Levels page, my old perfume formulas (before mid 2022) were based on GCMS from multiple labs. Many extra ingredients were added to improve them, make them more complex or just fill in the gap of unidentified compounds.

After finding a new lab with better quality reports, I decided to move all my analysis to it. As I can now identify many more compounds than before, the extra ingredients have been drastically reduced! So, my current formulas have become much more faithful and accurate!

Some of the current reformulations were just ingredient updates/adjustments, or entire reinterpretations of the old reports. But now, all my old formulas will also be updated with reports from this new lab to ensure a high quality standard. This process will take a long time, as I’m also working on new formulas.

I appreciate all the support I’ve received so far! I reiterate my commitment to always bring the best quality possible!

Filipe L.
Creative Formulas Owner and Perfumer