Since its launch in 2020, Creative Formulas has been an inspiring and essential resource for independent perfumers and perfumery students on their olfactory journey. Our goal is to provide easy access to professional, high-quality perfume formulas, as well as a wide range of bases and accords, allowing you to explore and create truly exceptional compositions.

We understand that perfumery is a delicate and complex art, requiring knowledge, dedication, and access to premium formulas. It was with this vision in mind that our store was born. We wanted to provide a platform where perfumers could find the formulas they seek, with the confidence that they are acquiring products of excellence.

We believe that all fragrance enthusiasts deserve the opportunity to develop their skills and express their creativity. We empower our customers to explore new scents, experiment with different combinations, and refine their techniques. We value education and knowledge sharing and strive to foster a collaborative and passionate community of perfumers.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we take pride in offering a diverse catalog of formulas that span a wide range of styles and trends. Whether you’re interested in refined classics, vintages, contemporary compositions, or daring experiments, we have options that will ignite your imagination and fuel your creativity.

We place a strong emphasis on transparency and sustainability in all our business practices. We work in partnership with trusted laboratories who share our commitment to quality, ensuring that our formulas are carefully selected and adhere to safety and ethical standards.

We are here to guide you on your perfumery journey, provide expert advice, and share experiences. Your passion is our passion, and we want to be part of your growth and success. Explore, create, and be inspired.