Do you sell fragrance oils?

No, we don’t sell any physical products. We supply fragrance formulas for perfumers (amateurs, professionals, students) and companies. We’re unable to provide oils or samples of our formulas either.

I’m a complete beginner in perfumery, can I buy the formulas?

Yes, as long as you know how to use them. Due to the small size of our team and the high amount of work, we are unable to teach beginners how to use the formulas. There are many forums on the internet (Basenotes, Reddit DIYFragrance, Facebook Perfumemaking Group) that can help.

Are the numbers in the formulas grams or ml?

None of them. Our formulas are unitless as they’re written in Parts-per notation (a total of 100 parts) or mass percentage. You must calculate the grams according to the total weight of the fragrance oil you want to make. NEVER measure ingredients by volume (ml) or drops.

Are the prices in dollars? What does R$ mean?

Our company is located in Brazil, therefore our base currency is the Brazilian Real (BRL – R$ symbol). You can get estimates for your currency by selecting it at the end of the page, however the payments will always be processed in BRL. Be aware that the value of the currency changes all the time.

Do you accept custom formula requests?

Unfortunately we can’t accept custom formulas requests at the moment. However, we accept suggestions, feel free to send them in this form.

What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept all cards available on PayPal and Stripe, in the countries they allow it. For Brazilian residents, we also accept PIX (with an additional 5% discount).

Are the perfume formulas identical to the originals?

They are not identical, but they come very close. It’s impossible to replicate a perfume with 100% accuracy, but our formulas get as close as you can get. We also include captive molecules so you can replace them. We guarantee our quality, as long as you use all the ingredients indicated in the formula, mix correctly, let the oil macerate and dilute it to the recommended concentration. Make sure all ingredients are fresh and pure, pay attention to the essential oil chemotypes, dilutions, etc.