Terms & Conditions

  1. Payments
    • We currently only accept PayPal as payment gateway.
    • Our currency is Brazilian Reais (BRL). You can view price estimates/conversion in your currency, however the final payments are always processed in BRL.
    • As our formulas are digital products, we don’t issue refunds after download.
    • You can get a refund only if you regret the purchase and have not downloaded/accessed the formula.
  2. About our Formulas
    • We supply high quality fragrance formulations (digital files).
    • We don’t supply physical products, samples or the ingredients used in our formulas.
  3. About our Type Formulas
    • We don’t make replicas/clones. Our perfume formulas are inspired by famous fragrances and are created using chemical analysis, olfactory knowledge, bibliographic references and a lot of study. That’s what we call “Type”, a fragrance inspired by another.
    • The original perfumes may contain captive molecules, exclusive essential oils/absolute, proprietary bases and other materials. Without these ingredients, our formulas may vary in degree of similarity.
  4. Download
    • After purchasing and confirming the payment, you can access the formula directly from our website or download a PDF file.
    • PDF files should not be shared with anyone and used for personal purposes only.