Discount Coupons

Special Orders

CodeDiscountMinimum SpendAction
specialorder1010%R$ 800Purchasing 3-4 formulas
specialorder1515%R$ 1400Purchasing 5-9 formulas
specialorder2020%R$ 2900Purchasing 10-24 formulas
specialorder2525%R$ 7200Purchasing 25-49 formulas
specialorder3030%R$ 14500Purchasing over 50 formulas
Special order coupons have no usage limit/expiration date. Valid for all formulas.

Review Coupons

Generated after review approval2%Submit a base/accord formula review
Generated after review approval5%Submit a perfume formula review
Review coupons can be used only once. Valid for 30 days, for all formulas.

Newsletter Coupons

15%Just subscribe to our newsletter and it will be delivered to your email every month
Newsletter coupons have no usage limit. Valid only during the month, for all formulas.

It’s possible to combine only two discount coupons per purchase.