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Galloway Type Formula

mattmatti (verified owner) -
Wow, always wondered about this one. It always intrigued me. Now I can see why it smells the way it does.. beautiful. thank you!

Apogée Type Formula

skluger77 (verified owner) -
The formula is really indistinguishable from the original. You guys are really great 🤩

Attrape-RĂŞves Type Formula

skluger77 (verified owner) -
A great alternative to the original Scent. Scent too đź’Ż. Thumps up
RC (verified owner) -
This is a beautiful fragrance formula. I smelled the original too far back to compare. This formula creates a fantastic fragrance none the less. It hints to Chanel’s Mademoiselle but this is more playful and youthful in my opinion.

Opus XIV Royal Tobacco Type Formula

mattmatti (verified owner) -
Wow, very unique style formula. If you’re looking for a complex, dark, sexy tobacco fragrance, this is it. Also really fun to study! Well done

Ani Type Formula

mattmatti (verified owner) -
Very lovely fragrance. Simple and to the point. Smells very close to the original. Thanks!!

NĂ©roli Outrenoir Type Formula

anddrut (verified owner) -
The smell is similar to the original but a bit different when it comes to top notes. When middle/base notes are uncovered You can barely tell the difference between original and this formula. Overall the smell of the whole blend is like 85-90% close to the original so for me it’s a very great blend. The original is just a bit more „grassy” and less fruity, but you can play with the formula to adjust it for your taste. Good job.

Mania Type Formula

knoxproud (verified owner) -
This scent holds such an important place in my heart as it’s what I wore during my teens and twenties. This formula is a godsend, as the fragrance has been discontinued. Perfect recreation, thank you Filipe!!!!

Wulong Cha Type Formula

Anonymous6181 (verified owner) -
A wonderful Tea-based fragrance! Amazing!

Gentle Fluidity Silver Type Formula

V424S (verified owner) -
It is a top-quality recipe and funny enough this perfume has a similar odor profile reassembled the material named Verdantol™. Looking forward to exploring more recipes from you.
Super_Rose (verified owner) -
Great formula! Complex, Last long , fresh at the same time.

Vanilla Sex Type Formula

amutchall (verified owner) -
I made out my first blend and compared it with the original and then tweaked the qty of Benzaldehyde and voila , its there with the original. Wife and daugther loves the smell. Filipe a great interpretation !