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Tonka Bean Accord

aylousa (verified owner) -
Pretty close to the real thing and quite affordable to make!
captaink (verified owner) -
This is much more affordable than Tonka absolute a pretty darn close to the real thing. I made some omissions and subbed out one of the lactones to make a Tonka note that was more creamy than nutty. I am very pleased with the result. This formula pointed me in the right direction.

Sylvione™ Accord

HSAL (verified owner) -
The title says it all. I had no idea what to expect from this accord, but man it blew me away. I had to substitute the aldehyde for another aldehyde and I don’t have Rose Crystals, but still very very nice. I would describe it as a clean, woody, powerful, musky profile that somehow also has a citrusy, floral touch to it. It could even work as a minimal scent on its own. It strongly reminds me of WILD and Green Wood by Dsquared (which are basically the same perfumes). Very curious to the Sylvione Base now. I didn’t purchase the latter as it has a couple materials I don’t have. For those who don’t know: if you are logged in you can see the materials listed in the formula, very handy. Thanks Filipe!

Ebony Wood Accord

konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
I generally like my woods on the sweet smooth and milky side. This isn’t it - it is the dry dusty nutty side but it has a place in the collection of bases that one needs to have and to experiment with. Excellent and worth it.
dealmeida.sandy (verified owner) -
I love this accord and use it in everything.

Tobacco Accord

Morag (verified owner) -
Very nice accord! I was missing one material, but it still smelled so nice and comforting.
Mandrews32 (verified owner) -
Think Amouage Journey Man style tobacco, very gorgeous!
konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
Tobacco absolute is such a special ingredient that it is unfair to call anything that aims to come close “tobacco”. And it is true that this is not anything like the absolute but it is a great allusion particularly with the fruity nuances that accentuate what tobacco can be like when it is not turned into cigarette smoke.
dealmeida.sandy (verified owner) -
Very smooth and beautiful tobacco accord

Cedarwood Chest Accord

Archie (verified owner) -
a clean version of a cedarwood cupboard, very good with most compositions if you want a cedarwood accord in a formula, or a good build up for a cedarwood based perfume. I made a minor tweak and made it more dusty :)
dealmeida.sandy (verified owner) -
Beautiful accord and easy to use.

Sandalwood Accord

konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
A powerful sandalwood base which feels quite different from others that you might know (Mysore Base for example) - and it is not attempting to replicate Indian Sandalwood but it can provide an excellent base for woody, fruity, or amber fragrances.
dealmeida.sandy (verified owner) -
I struggle a lot with making a great sandalwood accord. This smells very good but is very faint on a strip. I didn’t have Mysore acetate and so replaced it with Mysore wood blend, so that was probably my issue. I have yet to find a sandalwood accord that I really love, but this is really nice.

Plum Accord

konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
This is less smooth than Prunella with a bit more edge and green sour smell. Overall would be very useful for a chypre or a woody perfume a-la Shiseido Feminite Du Bois.

Sea Salt Accord

stalinetz33 (verified owner) -
Decir que huele a sal seria herrado pero es inegable que brinda un efecto marino/salado cuando se agrega a una formula, es buen complemento para cualquier fragancia, gran trabajo.
alboh (verified owner) -
This is a very nice formula with a luxury salt marine effect, useful in many fragrance types.
konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
It is difficult to imagine this before mixing it because we are not used to think of salt as having a smell but this is it. Very interesting and very appropriate for all kinds of masculine perfumes.
dealmeida.sandy (verified owner) -
This is exactly like sea salt.