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Althaïr Type Formula

Sven Sodemann (verified owner) -
Why would you not go for this one instead of the expensive PDM? I have both, and I am amazed how close they are. And you have the option to modify it to make it truly your signature scent. Highly recommended

Afternoon Swim Type Formula

skluger77 (verified owner) -
Indistinguishable from the original 200% guarantee. Mega scent 👍🏻

Erolfa Type Formula

nedaa5924 (verified owner) -
I like this formula. It has a lot of essential oil. The amount of dihydromercenol Is high but the formula is well balanced by the woody notes. By the way I haven’t smell the original is perfect

Narciso For Her Type Formula

knoxproud (verified owner) -
Full disclosure I’ve never smelled the original, so I can’t speak to its accuracy but I can tell you this is a beautifully balanced formula! Soft, elegant and velvety smooth.

Psychedelic Love Type Formula

arandes62 (verified owner) -
The formula is great but you should definitely use heliotropin, not the substitute, and vetiver java if you want it to work. I don't know the original perfume, but what comes out of this formula is the usual new generation perfume, they all smell a bit like cough syrup or pastry syrup... Basically I'm more attached to old school perfumes , but I will have to judge it better when it has finished macerating and diluted in ethanol. In my opinion the dilution concentrations of these formulas are all too high, but you can experiment and adjust them to your liking.
nefretari17 (verified owner) -
I like this formula. It is sophisticated and smells like a professional perfume although I added Alternative heliotropin and the maceration is not finished yet.

L’Immensité Type Formula

skluger77 (verified owner) -
Es ist dem Originalen Perfume echt sehr nahe. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, diese Formel zu testen.

Intense Cedrat Boise Type Formula

amutchall (verified owner) -
The opening is good , but what amazes is the depth and the longevity for a citrus heavy fragrance, mainly coming in from Oud used, but not at all evident in the perfume, its so nicely concealed.

Bleu Turquoise Type Formula

arandes62 (verified owner) -
I don't know the original perfume and I also admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but once I mixed the formula, friends, one of the best perfumes my nose has ever smelled came out! Modern, intense but fresh at the same time, and the formula? Well, there's so much to learn here... Excellent, excellent work!!

Richwood Type Formula

Mohammed Miah (verified owner) -
Reminds me of tuboroses, I like it, I would say it's more for mature women. Technically very good yet simple. Dry down is also pleasant, I will leave this to mix before adding perfumers alcohol to masarate, 8/10.
jhanma.fragrances (verified owner) -
I have been waiting for this formula for so long, and finally they are able to deliver the best quality formula, do not miss out on this one, one of the best perfumes by the brand, super realistic formula, I would say it matches 90% plus.

Chance EDP Type Formula

skluger77 (verified owner) -
Es riecht dem Original sehr, sehr nahe. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, diese Formel zu kaufen. Ein gute Kopie zum Original. 👏🏼 Bravo