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Mahonia Base

Sven Sodemann (verified owner) -
Rounds off all the corners. Very helpful.

Lemon Blossom Base

nedaa5924 (verified owner) -
This base is very fresh. I am really glad for the result. I have designed a perfume using it as a top note plus bergamot. White floral base as the core note. Using sandalore and timbersilk as extending note. I had a complete great perfume. I will try to do another formulation. Thank you very much 💕

Russian Leather Base

Nitishdixit (verified owner) -
This is a perfect leather formulation. Very smoky and little fruity. Reminds me of my old leather boots 🥾

Mysorol Base

jhanma.fragrances (verified owner) -
I have been a fan of mysore sandalwood since long, this base is the perfect rendition of that, this is super smooth and anytime can be replaced with super expensive mysore sandalwood

Santal Xtreme Base

jhanma.fragrances (verified owner) -
This one is a beast of a base , just as its name suggest, this is as extreme as it can get, just a touch of this base in any perfume can do wonders

Coconut Milk Base

Archie (verified owner) -
made a summer scent with this formula, heavy coconut base and added more on the milk lactone and vanillin :P if you love a milky coconut get this, lasts long.

Piña Colada Base

breeden.devon89 (verified owner) -
I have been trying for months to use Sultanene properly. This base really helps me out! Thank you.

Fig Base

konstantin.mihov (verified owner) -
Ihaven’t yet found an application of this accord in my own perfumery but it is a very interesting fruity smell on its own. Recognizably something you might encounter in another perfume - a combination between sweet and green/woody accord. Not bad.

Morning Kiss Peony Base

arandes62 (verified owner) -
This is a base that can be used on many occasions in your perfume creations. It's balanced and well built. Great job
redeemer (verified owner) -
Very rosy, fresh and transparent peony. Quite green, but not harsh. Can be used as a rose base.

Hyacinth Base

Edwin1967 (verified owner) -
Beautiful, it really smells like pure hyacinth, I'm very happy with it, thank you!